Energy Efficiency Directive: Energy Savings Obligation and Energy Poverty Alleviation

Since nearly 34 million Europeans are unable to afford to keep their homes adequately warm and the numbers are rising due to financial crisis, the European Union is increasingly targeting energy poverty in its policy action, especially energy efficiency-related policies. The Energy Efficiency Directive is one of the key pieces of existing legislation that provides an opportunity to deliver energy-saving measures to alleviate energy poverty. Although Article 7 clearly shows its role in alleviating energy poverty, the requirement to implement savings or measures in priority households is reliant on criteria that most Member States have not yet fully established.

The aim of the webinar is to learn and exchange knowledge from the perspective of policymaking, which is a result of ENSMOV project and to discuss the utility perspectives on energy poverty support based on learning from the SocialWatt project.

The agenda of the event: AGENDA.


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