Methods for calculating energy savings

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Methods for calculating energy savings

It is important that the methodology for Article 7 takes into account: 

  • The quantity of energy saving that can be attributed to each action
  • How the lifetime of energy efficiency improvements are accounted for

There are four methods for calculating the savings for different types of actions, these are:

  • Deemed savings – standard values for each measure
  • Metering savings – before and after measurements
  • Scaled savings – based on engineering estimates
  • Surveyed savings – based on consumer responses

Deemed savings and scaling savings are the most commonly used methodologies. MS need to determine the eligible energy efficiency measures for which there are independently proven or well established energy saving norms. It is recommended that MS publish information on how the deemed or scaled savings are determined and what quantity of savings is attributed to different individual measures and to ensure that this information is openly accessible. In particular the scaled savings ought to be defined on the 'basis of nationally established methodologies and benchmarks by qualified or accredited experts that are independent of the obligated, participating or entrusted parties involved'. Other measures will have to have their energy savings metered or surveyed to determine their values.

To calculate energy savings from taxes, elasticities of demand with respect to price are to be used to estimate how the price increases caused by the tax only (i.e. not from inflation or other policies) would lead to changes in consumers' behaviour.

It is important to note that double counting must be avoided if several types of policy measures are used in combination.

For information on how the lifetime of energy efficiency improvements are accounted for, see the Lifetime of savings  page

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