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Slovenia has chosen to effect the provisions of Article 7(9) of the Energy Efficiency Directive (Directive 2012/27/EU), through opting to combine alternative policy measures and an energy efficiency obligation scheme (EEOS) to meet the national target. Obligated parties under the EEOS are energy suppliers of electricity, heat, gas and liquid and solid fuels to final customers.

Design of Energy Efficiency Obligation scheme (EEO)

      The EEO in Slovenia has set the obligation to suppliers of electricity, heat, gas and liquid and solid fuels to final customers (estimated 16 electricity suppliers, 19 gas suppliers and several fuel suppliers (n/a)). There are no exceptions for small scale suppliers foreseen. These market parties must achieve the targeted savings among final consumers. The final customers are public and service sectors, industry and some measures in households. The technologies that are eligible for counting against the target from the EEO and also from the ECO-Fund are determined by legislation (where the main measures are efficient energy use measures and greater use of renewables in heat generation in the public and service sectors and for industry and households, Efficient energy use measures in buildings, Efficiency energy use measures in transport, and measures to increase the efficiency of district heating systems). The target is set as a 0.75% energy savings (from all carriers) annually of final energy, and the measures can function up until and including 2020. For the EEOs, since the market suppliers’ shares are changing and new entrants appear, the savings to be achieved by individual obligated parties will be expressed as a proportion of the energy they have sold in the past year. The energy savings are calculated in principle based on deemed savings. The method of evaluating energy savings as a result of individual measures to improve energy efficiency is to be designed further by the responsible authority. In 2015 the updated methodology has published new

Regulation on methods for determining the energy savings to end consumers

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