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Malta has chosen to set an obligation scheme only on Enemalta Corporation to cover part of the target set in accordance with Article 7 of Directive 2012/27/EU together with several alternative measures. As Malta is a small country, the obligation scheme has just one obliged subject covering all the goals. As far the alternative measures, they cover the great majority of the Maltese energy efficiency target: financing schemes or instruments and fiscal incentives, training and education, including energy advisory programmes, government leading by example.

Design of Energy Efficiency Obligation scheme (EEO)

Type of measures: 

Obligated parties: Enemalta Corporation, the only electricity distribution system operator and the only licensed electricity supply company in Malta. 

Target setting: 111.6 GWh through the obligation scheme.

Calculation method savings: For each of the sectors related to the energy efficiency policies, expected savings and methodology of calculations are outlined in the report.

Additionality: The Energy Efficiency obligation scheme and the complementary policy measures take into account two different types of additionality: energy savings additionality and business as usual additionality. In relation to the energy efficiency obligation scheme on Enemalta Corporation, the company, as stated in the Maltese National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP), will be paid at the time of the project implementation, therefore, there is neither financial additionality (the efficiency improvement actions will not be paid from the revenue of the sales of the energy saving following the measures themselves) nor policy additionality. For all the other policy measures, energy savings additionality and business as usual additionality have been taken in consideration. Indeed, as reported in NEEAP, the energy efficiency national target of 264,286 toe (of primary energy) itself has been calculated in reference to the best as usual scenario. For each action, energy savings have been estimated as the difference of the energy consumption before and after the project implementation. This is therefore the case in which energy savings additionality has been taken into account.

Monitoring & Verification: The Verification and monitoring protocols for the energy efficiency obligation scheme and the policy measures set up by Malta depend on the action implemented: it can be directly the Ministry for Energy (or in same cases the Ministry itself can organise a team responsible to bring together existing energy studies and statistics, as well as to monitor and quantify the outcomes, positive and not, achieved) or the Malta Resources Authority and Transport Malta(several subjects for several energy efficiency actions).

Control and Compliance: /

Administrator - Institutional set up: The Maltese Ministry for energy and water conservation, Malta Resources Authority and Transport Malta.

Flexibility: /

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