Introduction to Article 7 EED

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Introduction to the ENSPOL project

ENSPOL  is an Intelligent Energy Europe-funded project targeting the effective and proper implementation of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive in all Member States and beyond. A major objective of ENSPOL is to support the establishment, revision and implementation of robust Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes or alternative policy measures in EU Member States. At the same time the project aims to provide information and supportive guidance and tools to a wide audience and this platform has been established to facilitate this goal.


Introduction to Article 7, Energy Efficiency Directive

Directive 2012/27/EU known as the “Energy Efficiency Directive”(hereafter EED) requires Member States (MS) to set up an energy efficiency obligation scheme, or equivalent alternative policy measure/s with the goal of achieving annual energy savings of 1.5% of annual sales to final consumers over the 2014-2020 obligation period.

As prescribed in Articles 7 and 20 of the Directive, each MS must adopt policy measures in order to either set up an Energy Efficiency Obligation scheme (EEOs), or alternative policy measures (or combination of these) to deliver a certain amount of end-use energy savings over the 2014 - 2020 obligation period.

According to Article 7 “That target shall be at least equivalent to achieving new savings each year from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2020 of 1,5 % of the annual energy sales to final customers of all energy distributors or all retail energy sales companies by volume, averaged over the most recent three-year period prior to 1 January 2013. In alternative to the mandatory regime, the MS may adopt alternative measures or a combination of the two options.”

To find out more go to the Article 7 explained section of this platform.

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