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Short Introduction

The German Federal Government opted for alternative measures to meet the requirements under Article 7 (1) EED. Even before the Directive was adopted, a wide range of instruments for increasing energy efficiency was in place, so Germany decided to enhance these estab-lished measures. The existing actions are a mixture of regulatory measures, investment sup-port, measures affecting prices, and measures to improve energy efficiency through infor-mation and advice. Notably, the top ten measures cover more than 90% of the notified en-ergy savings target (cumulative savings of 1,758 PJ, i.e. 42 Mtoe, until 2020).

Design of Energy Effficiency Obligation scheme (EEO)

Germany has not implemented an Energy Efficiency Obligation scheme but intends to meet the energy savings requirement under Article 7 (1) EED via alternative measures in line with Article 7 (9) EED.


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