Greek Training

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Greek Training

Presentations fron the ENSPOL 2nd training in Greece

June 2016, Ministry of Environment and Energy

1 ENSPOL_Tourkolias_General
2 ENSPOL_Spyridaki_Overview
3 ENSPOL_Spyridaki_Buildings
4 ENSPOL_Tourkolias_Industry & Transport.
5 ENSPOL_Tourkolias_Bottom-up
6 ENSPOL_Spyridaki_Cost-Effectiveness
7 ENSPOL_Oikonomou_Guidelines


Presentations fron the ENSPOL 1st training in Greece

July 2015, Ministry of Environment and Energy

#Day 1Link
1 Alternatives
2 Article7
3 Greece
4 Netherlands
5 About ENSPOL


#Day 2Link
1 Australia
2 E.U.
3 Non E.U.


#Day 3Link
1 Energy Markets
2 Odyssee
3 Technical




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